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Welcome to the Play At Home Series! Here, you can play group pieces in the comfort of your own home with the help of audio files created in the music notation program Sibelius. None of the music posted here is under copyright (with the exception of pieces written by a few living composers who have graciously granted permission),  so feel free to share the website and music.

Playing instructions:

  1. Choose a category from the Navigation section in the upper right corner of this page.

  2. Once you've selected a piece to play, Download the score file.

  3. Click on the MP3 playback button and play along with the music. Use the Slow MP3s for practice.


The video is reference for how the music sounds when professionally played. Headphones are highly recommended; you can hear all the parts much more clearly and can tune more easily with the recorder playing your part in the score.


If you are unsure of where to start, here are a couple of different suggestions:

  • Scroll down for lists of recommended pieces for newer or advanced players.

  • Pick a piece and learn all of the different parts. If you know your composers, choose from the Composers List.

  • Pick a single recorder (sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, bass, great bass, or contrabass). Here is all of the music in the Play At Home Series sorted into a List by Parts.

  • Create a ‘program’ of three or four pieces and work on them as if preparing for a recital.

  • Treat the series as a great sight-reading exercise - pick pieces at random and play random parts.

To learn some background information about composers, their pieces, or a bit about the techniques they employ check out the Additional Notes file.

If you would like to be added to the Weekly Update email-list, send us your email address using the contact us form.


The Tuning Exercise will help you sync up with the “Sibelius Sounds” recorders.

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Anonymous (Medieval) - O virgo splendens

Anonymous (Ren.) - Ik zeg Adieu

Bach - Chorale #5 Ein Lämmlein geht und...

Chorale #7 Nun lob mein Seel den Herren

Chorale #74 O Haupt Voll Blut und Wunden

Chorale # 117 O Welt, sieh hier dein Leben

WTK 1 Prelude 22

WTK 1 Prelude 24

Banchieri - Sinfonia

Barbershop - Down by the Old Mill Stream

Bennet - Weep, O Mine Eyes

Bruckner - Os Justi

Chopin - Prélude 7

Prélude 20

Corelli - Sonata da Chiesa Op 3, No. 1 Grave

Eijkhout - Las Vacas


Ferrabosco - Pavan a 5

Gibbons - Ah, Dear Heart

Grieg - Ave maris stella

Holborne - Decrevi

di Lasso - La nuict froide

Palestrina - Agnus Dei I

Rheinberger - Abendlied

Rossi - Kaddish Shalem

Salieri - Round (C or F Instrument)

Sermisy - Tant que vivray

Stanford - The Blue Bird

Susato - Rondo et Saltarello

Tallis - If Ye Love Me

Upton - Amazing Grace

Recommended for Newer Players

Recommended for Advanced Players

Bach - Trio Sonata No. 4, Andante

WTK 1 Prelude 9

WTK 2 Fugue 2

Beethoven - Adagio from Sextet Op. 71

Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5

Cavaccio - Pavana and Saltarello

Corelli - Sonata da Chiesa Op 3, No. 1 Vivace

Dowland - Earl of Essex Galliard

Dvořák - Bagatelle Op 47, No. 1

Froberger - Ricercare

Handel - Sonata in F, Movts 2 & 3

Holborne - Muy Linda

Hook - Trio No. 1

Josquin - Gloria (Missa Beata Virgine)

Mozart - Divertimento 1, Movement 1

Divertimento 2, Movement 1

Praetorius - Courante

Quagliati - Recercate et Canzone 7

Quantz - Quantz Sonata for 3 Flutes in D Major, Movts 1-3

Strauss - Pizzicato Polka

Stravinsky - March

Susato - Rondo et Saltarello (Sopranino part)

Telemann - Allegro in D major

Vivaldi - Finale (Concerto in G Minor)

Trio Sonata RV 81