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The Southern California Recorder Society is an organization for recorder enthusiasts in the greater Los Angeles area. Recorder players from beginning to advanced levels are invited to join. We meet the first Saturday of the month from September through June to play the recorder and to learn, under a different conductor each month, about renaissance and baroque music.


Click here to join.  If you wish to attend for the first time as a non-member, it is free. 

Click here for instructions on how to download music from this site.

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Upcoming Events

SCRS Meeting

February 4 at 2pm, St. Andrew's Lutheran Church

Conductor: Myk Price (bio)


Some pieces might be cut for time.


  • J.S. Bach - Motet #6

  • Conversations #1  Kemp

  • Rossi - Adon 'Olam

  • Rossi - Qadish

  • Vivaldi - Concerto in d minor (Great Bass needed for this) 

Open Textbook in Library

Music Theory for Recorders

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Site Updates


Play At Home Series

Last Update: January 27, 2023

Play group pieces in the comfort of your own home by downloading scores and practicing with audio files. New pieces are uploaded every other weekend, so keep checking back!

Most recently added:

  • Rusca - Canzon Prima à 4 La Borromea


*Headphones recommended


Music Theory

Last Update: December 9, 2022

Most recently added:

  • Improvisation to a Ground

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