The purpose of The Southern California Recorder Society, a 501c 3 nonprofit organization, is to promote interest in, knowledge of, and appreciation for the recorder and related instruments; to promote the playing of the recorder as a serious musical instrument; and to encourage the playing of recorders and related instruments by amateurs.

A Chapter of the American Recorder Society, www.Americanrecorder.orgSCRS is a volunteer organization financed by dues and fundraising events.

We are run by the membership through an annually elected Board of Directors. 

President - Ricardo Berón

Vice President - Joel Peisinger

Treasurer - Nick Siu, Treasurer

Recording Secretary - Barbara Blinderman

Corporate Secretary - Elaine Kramer 

Director At-Large - Ute Iaconis

Committees do the work of SCRS. All members are welcome to join.


Coordinates monthly meetings and workshops; makes arrangements for

conductors; publicizes meeting repertoire and locations. Contact Ricardo


Provides services to existing membership by coordinating hospitality at meetings (snacks, name tags, meet & greet). Provides information to members regarding opportunities for joining groups for ensemble playing. Contact Barbara and Elaine


Maintains records (e.g., membership roster) and provides organization with information including written reports related to: dues, rent, banking matters. Contact Nick


Raises money in order to fund programs and outreach through events, tee-shirt sales, and grant writing. Contact Elaine


Recruits new members through various outreach initiatives. Tasks include

organizing and coordinating SCRS outreach efforts in the community such as public performances and educational activities. Contact Ute


Coordinates the maintenance of the SCRS website, including monthly news

(formerly the newsletter). Contact Joel

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