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Meeting Information


Meetings are held September through June on the first Saturday of every month, 2:00 to 5:00 pm. Refreshments are served during a mid-meeting break.



St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, 11555 National Blvd., Los Angeles 90064.  Map


Each person is responsible for downloading the music they plan to play at the session. Alternatively, you can request that the President bring you copies of the music for an annual fee of $30.

Meeting Etiquette

Click here for important information.

2022/2023 Schedule

Sept 3

Ricardo Berón


Renaissance/Early Baroque

Print more than one part and be ready to play a different voice if possible so we can play loud and soft as well as to bring out the musical texture of the pieces.

Gibbons - Silver Swan - SAATB/STTTB/TTBBB
Gabrieli - La Spiritata - SATB parts; do not print any part in C clef - we won't use it.
Canale - La Barbisona - STAB parts
Merulo - Canzon 18 - SATTB parts
Canale - La Fenarola - SA(UP)TB
Schein - Suite 16 (5 Dances) - STATB/ATTTB

Oct 1

Joel Peisinger

A Subway through Time
All this music can be heard and practiced on the Play at Home pages - access them by clicking on the blue links.

ANON O virgo splendens  ROUND (can be N S A T B G or C) 

BRUMEL O Domine Iesu Christe ATTB (arranged Soprano part doubles Alto) 

BACH Gavotte from French Suite 5 ATB (arranged Soprano part doubles Alto)(arranged Greatbass part doubles Bass) 

SALIERI  Round ROUND for F instruments only – N A B or C 

BARBERSHOP Down by the Old Mill Stream ATTB  (arranged Soprano part doubles Alto) 

STRAVINSKY Balalaika ATBG – Soprano can play Tenor, Bass can play both Bass and Greatbass parts

Nov 5

Inga Funck

Reichardt - Mit Schwung SATB
Handel - Air (from Watermusic) SATB
Rossi - Temer, Donna, Non Dei SAB
Knaebel - Polacca AT
MacDowell - The Brook SATB
Bach - Siciliano AAB
Baston - Allegro SAB
Gibbons - Almighty and Everlasting God SATB
Stanford - Beati Quorum SSATBB

Dec 3

Marylin Winkle

Music from Spain & Latin America

Cancionero de Palacio, Juan del Encina (1468-1530)

  • Si abrá en este baldrés

  • Si d'amor pena sentís

  • Una Sañosa Porfía

  • Durandarte

  • Como esta sola mi vida

  • Oy comamos y bebamos

Improvisations on La Folia/Canarios

  • Un sarao de la chacona, Juan Aranes (1580-1649)

  • Ave Maria, Jerónimo de Aliseda (1548-1591)

  • Verbum caro, Cancionero Uppsala

  • Madre de los primores, attr. Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (1648-1695)

Jan 7

Alexa Haynes-Pilon

Sweet Suite

  • Prelude 1 & 2: Charpentier Concert pour quatre parties

  • Aire: Purcell Suite for Strings Z. 770

  • Tempête movement from Telemann Overture-Suite TWV 55:C3

  • Sarabande: Charpentier Concert pour quatre parties

  • Boree: Purcell Suite for Strings Z. 770

  • Harlequinade Movement from Telemann O-S TWV 55:C3

  • Gigue: Telemann O-S TWV 55:C3

  • Passacaille: Charpentier Concert pour quatre parties

Feb 4

Myk Price

  • J.S. Bach - Motet #6

  • Conversations #1  Kemp

  • Rossi - Adon 'Olam

  • Rossi - Qadish

Mar 4

Tom Axworthy

  • Irish Tunes (SATB)

  • Rosenheck - 5 Temperamente (SATB)

  • Pezel - Intrada, Galliard, Bal (SATB)

  • Flecha - Voi ch’ascoltate (SSATB)

  • Flecha - La Justa - S, G Alto, AATTB, GtB, Cb. - the G alto part can be played with normal F Alto fingerings (Tom Axworthy transposed the parts and will bring an extra G Alto or two for anyone to play)

Apr 1

Stephan Haas

  • Vivaldi Concerto Madrigalesco

  • Charpentier Concert pour quatre parties de violes

  • Geminiani - Quartet

May 6

Alejandro Acosta

  • Falconieri - Bayle de los dichos Diabolos

  • Falconieri - Folias echa para mi Señora Dona Tarolilla

  • Falconieri - Sinfonia quarta à 3

  • Falconieri - Sinfonia detta la Buon'hora à 3

  • Falconieri - Batalla de Barabaso

  • Vásquez - De los álamos vengo, madre

June 3

Alex Opsahl

- Gabrieli Sancta Maria Succurre Miseris (SATTTBB) - Alto reads up the octave. There is no missing bass 1 part, it's just changed to become a tenor 3 part.

- Victoria: Missa Ave Regina Coelorum - Kyrie and Gloria (SATB-SATB)
NB! Altos read up the octave again.

- King Arthur Tunes (SATB)

- Grieg Tune (SATB one page score)

- Ave Maris stella (2 page score SATB-SATB)

Online Meetings

During COVID-19 meetings were held online via Zoom, September through June on the first Saturday of every month at 2:00 pm.

For questions about Zoom or meetings in general, feel free to contact us.

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