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Meeting Information


Meetings are held September through June on the first Saturday of every month, 2:00 to 5:00 pm. Refreshments are served during a mid-meeting break.



St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, 11555 National Blvd., Los Angeles 90064.  Map


Each person is responsible for downloading the music they plan to play at the session. Alternatively, you can request that the President bring you copies of the music for an annual fee of $30.

Meeting Etiquette

Click here for important information.

2023/2024 Schedule

Sept 2

Alexandra Opsahl

- Gervaise - Pavane 
- Gervaise - Battaglia
- Gerviase - La Venisienne
- Cabezon - Diferencias Sobre La Pavana Italiana
- Handel - Fireworks Medley

-----(if we have time)-----
- Byrd - Beata Virgo
- Gabrieli - Ricercar

Oct 7

Ricardo Beron

There are a couple of pieces that call for a sopranino recorder as the top voice (!). My idea is to help players to embrace the sopranino's middle range as a good sonority in ensemble playing -- mind you, we won't have 10 of them... just one or two will do... 
Rosenmuller's Sinfonia: we are only working on the FIRST movement; be sure to print the part/s for the first movement only, which ends on measure 74.
Lappi's Canzon Duodecima: do NOT print the parts in C clef. The file for Vitali's La Scalabrina contains both the score (at the beginning) and the parts at the end.
Program order:
  • Bertali, Sonatella a 5i
  • Lappi, Canzon Duodecima
  • Cavaccio, La Solcia
  • Vitali, La Scalabrina
  • Rosenmuller, Sinfonia I, first movement
  • Cavaccio, La Bignan

Nov 4

Joel Peisinger

Forza Femmina
Click on the links in blue to go to their respective Play at Home pages if you would like to listen to or practice the music ahead of time. When you print out the music, be sure to print out the higher SATB versions and not the lower TBGC versions.

Dec 2

David Schnell

Byrd: The second part (Medius) is in the soprano range, but since it's actually the melody, it would be helpful to include a few alto players who are comfortable reading
up an octave. 
Several pieces have either two soprano or two alto parts, so presumably soprano/alto players should print both just in case.

There will also be a ¨Guess the Composer" piece, which David will bring the music for (not included in the downloadable files).

Amner - O Ye Little Flock
Bartok - Romanian Christmas Carols
Berlioz - Shepherd's Farewell
Byrd - Lullaby
Morales - Pastores dicite, quidnam vidistis
Sweelinck - Angelus ad pastores ait

Jan 6

Alexa Haynes-Pilon

N/A Yet

Feb 3

Marylin Winkle

N/A Yet

Mar 2

Tom Axworthy

N/A Yet

Apr 6

Stephan Haas

N/A Yet

May 4

Alejandro Acosta

N/A Yet

June 1

Myk Price

N/A Yet

Online Meetings

During COVID-19 meetings were held online via Zoom, September through June on the first Saturday of every month at 2:00 pm.

For questions about Zoom or meetings in general, feel free to contact us.

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