Online Meetings

Due to COVID-19 meetings will be held online via Zoom, September through June on the first Saturday of every month at 2:00 pm.

For questions about Zoom or meetings in general, feel free to contact us.


2020/2021 Schedule

Sept 5

Adam Gilbert

2 PM PST meeting via Zoom

Chansons for a World Turned Upside Down

- Anonymous, Je n’ay que deul et desplaisance
- Anonymous, Par desplaisir, tout plan d’anoy
- Anonymous, Ha dure mort, je viens ver toy
- Johannes Ockeghem, Presque transi
- Anonymous, En attendent vostre venue
- Anonymous, Pour vostre amours
- Anonymous, Glogauer Liederbuch “T” (#280) (2 versions)

Oct 3

Gwyn Roberts

2 PM PST meeting via Zoom


- Adriano Banchieri, Canzon La Galuppa​

- Antonio Bertali, Sonatella

- François Caroubel, Passameze

- Johann Ludwig Krebs(?), Fugue 4

From the conductor: Say WHAT? Speaking through articulation. Articulation is our killer app as recorder players: it is the one thing our instruments do better than any other, and our best tool for expressive playing. But how do you decide what articulations to use where? Working with a few clear principles derived from historical sources and using music from the 16th through 18th centuries for fodder, we’ll demystify this power tool for players at all levels, giving you multiple options and upping your expressive game. We’ll play a lot too!

Dec 5

Vicki Boeckman

2 PM PST meeting via Zoom

- Johan Hermann Schein, Suite no. 5 (Banchetto Musicale)

Please either print the materials and read off your own music stands or have them downloaded and saved to a separate device that you read from.

Feb 6

Shira Kammen

2 PM PST meeting via Zoom

2-5 part music based on medieval chant, love songs, basse dance tenors, popular English Renaissance dance tunes, and more by the following composers:

- Guillaume Dufay

- Diego Ortiz

- Luwig Senfl

- Guillaume de Machaut

- Anonymous

The pitch is at A=440, and members can change instruments if they wish to do so. Singers and string players are welcome!


Apr 3

Adam Bregman

2 PM PST meeting via Zoom

- La Spagna


From its earliest form as a monophonic tenor to its most florid setting in five parts, we will play through different stages of the tune and the counterpoint that accompanied it. We will also discuss peculiarities of rhythm, meter, and counterpoint that differentiate one type of dance (basse danse, bassadanza, or saltarello) from another, but all using the same tune!


Jun 5

Inga Funck


2 PM PST meeting via Zoom

Bring Your Own Band (BYOB): Inga Funck will be conducting part of the meeting, and later SCRS members will have a chance to play any piece that they have been preparing during the pandemic.

Not Available Yet

Meeting Information

(physical meetings suspended until further notice due to COVID-19)


Meetings are held September through June on the first Saturday of every month, 2:00 to 5:00 pm. Refreshments are served during a mid-meeting break.



St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, 11555 National Blvd., Los Angeles 90064.  Map


Each person is responsible for downloading the music they plan to play at the session. Alternatively, you can request that the President bring you copies of the music for an annual fee of $30.

Meeting Etiquette

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