Music Theory for Recorder: Miscellaneous

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Personal Fingering Chart


Print out this blank template for each instrument owned and record alternate fingerings for that particular instrument.  

The Curious History of the Clef

YouTube Video: Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

A succinct history of the various clef signs in Western music.

Recorder Ranges and Special Clef Signs


All recorders start either on their lowest F or C and ascend two octaves + 1 note. This chart shows recorder ranges at actual concert pitch.

Bach Chorale 74 SATB at Concert Pitch


Score for Bach Chorale 74.


BACH Chorale 7 SATB

00:00 / 03:04

JANEQUIN Ce sont galants SATB

00:00 / 02:05

EAST O do not run away SSA

00:00 / 02:34

HANDEL Gavotte (Orestes)  SAB

00:00 / 01:41

"Alto Up" Exercises


The ranges of the Alto recorder and the human Alto voice are an octave apart.  Sometimes the Alto recorder is given a human Alto part to play.  The recorder player must read these notes an octave higher than written.  This file presents 4 pieces from the Play at Home Series designed as an exercise in this skill.