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SCRS Roster Terms of Use

This list of SCRS members past and present is available to SCRS members who are current with their dues, and also, on request, to officers of other established recorder and early music organizations known to the SCRS Board.

Please do not share it or its contents, or access password with other persons. Requests for access by persons outside SCRS can be made to any member of the SCRS Board, whereby some discussion may take place before access is approved.

The Membership has an expectation their contact information contained in this Roster will be published only to other members, and other organizations of similar outlook, namely, those involved with recorders and early music. It is critical that the list not find its way to bodies whose interests are primarily commercial, especially to those that trade in private information.

The User will notice this Roster will have some blank areas (e.g. omitted phone numbers or email addresses) associated with certain members. In most cases, that member has opted NOT to have their contact information available, at least not from access to this Roster. The SCRS Board requests that you consider that, when handling such cases; i.e. digging up the missing information from other sources to fill in the blanks could be considered a disservice by that person, and it would be a better practice to contact that person by some other means to ask permission for contact, whether by personal contact, email, phone, or U.S. mail.

The Roster is most commonly used to disseminate information about upcoming events of interest to the early music community, and accordingly, for purposes of broadcasting news widely, contains contact information for past as well as present members. Inclusion on the Roster is not an indication of current membership status.

If you notice any errors in the contact information, please contact the SCRS Treasurer at to have corrections made.

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