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Hollywood Hills Association of Recorder Players (HHARP)


Where and When

Meets in the West Hollywood area (usually in a church parish hall) one Saturday afternoon a month, as determined by the members’ best availability. In addition, smaller group get-togethers and coaching sessions occur throughout the month.


The overall mission of this group is to promote the playing of ensemble music with other music lovers, but we also work to improve recorder skills, learn about music, and form casual smaller ensembles among the membership.    We are not a public performance-oriented group, although performance opportunities do occasionally come up.


Music selection

We work on a wide range of pieces for a few months and gradually cycle in new pieces to replace older ones.  At any one time we have about 10-15 pieces under study.  Most of the music is Renaissance and Baroque, but some Medieval, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary pieces are added to the cycle.


Players needed

Adult players of all recorders from Alto to Contrabass. Sopranos and Sopraninos are used occasionally in some of the music, but most of the orchestration is ATBG or ATBGC.  Most of the members choose a single instrument to specialize in, but some members move from instrument to instrument as needed.  


Skill level required

The facilitator likes to meet with prospective members first to ascertain basic knowledge of fingering, technique and sight-reading skills. If the player is a beginner or if the facilitator does not feel the player is ready for the larger group, he offers FREE lessons to bring that player up to the skill level required.  Free individual or small group coaching is also offered to any of the members. Some inexpensive 'loaner' instruments are available for beginners or members expanding their range of instruments.



No charge.  Printed music is provided free of charge the month prior to its being played.

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